Hastelloy C-276 alloy (UNS N10276) is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum material with high resistance to chloride stress cracking and pitting corrosion types due to relatively high chromium and molybdenum contents. Hastelloy has good sulfidation resistance and high metallurgical stability, which makes it preferable material for high-temperature applications of thermal energy storing and electricity generating devices such as gas turbines.


Incoloy products are mostly chromium-based and mostly nickel-based, and designed for corrosion resistance as well as strength at high temperatures.Incoloy alloys belong to the category of super austenitic stainless steels.One advantage is that Incoloy alloys do not have to be heat treated after welding to restore the corrosion resistance.There are specific alloys for resistance to particular chemical attacks. For example, alloy 020 is designed to be resistant to sulphuric acid, and the DS Incoloy is to be used in heat-treating furnaces with reactive atmospheres and many heat cycles.


Chromium nickel iron alloy has high strength and corrosion resistance and is commonly used in cutting tools; An anti-corrosion alloy layer is formed on the surface of steel or iron by spray plating, deposition and high-temperature diffusion; Potassium dichromate and sodium dichromate are strong oxidants in organic synthesis and petroleum industry; Chrome yellow, chrome orange and chrome green can be used as inorganic pigments. Nickel chromium alloy can also be used to make laboratory resistors.


From welded pipes and valves to heat exchanges, aircraft, naval vessels and even spaceships, titanium is used in a wide variety of applications. One of the most notable advantages of titanium is its strength. It’s among super strong and very durable metals on the planet, which is why it’s used in so many industrial applications. Another key advantage associated with titanium is its natural resistance to rust and corrosion. Certain metals are naturally resistant to this phenomenon, including titanium. Whether it’s used indoors or outdoors, it will hold for years without succumbing to the effects of rust and corrosion.


Monel is a trademark of Special Metals Corporation.There are different commercial types of Monel such as Alloy 400, Alloy 401, Alloy R-405, Alloy 450, Alloy K-500, Monel 404 Copper-Nickel Alloy. Standard product forms are round, hexagon, flats, forging stock, pipe, tube, plate, sheet, strip, and wire. Monel is used for marine engineering, chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment, valves, pumps, shafts, fittings, fasteners, and heat exchangers. It is also used as part of metal instruments and frames of eyeglasses.


Nickel products are silver white metal, with magnetism and good plasticity. It has good corrosion resistance. Nickel is silver white, hard, ductile and ferromagnetic. It can be highly polished and corrosion resistant. It is green after dissolving in nitric acid. Nickel is insoluble in water and forms a dense oxide film on the surface in humid air at room temperature, which can prevent the continued oxidation of the bulk metal. It can be slowly dissolved in dilute acid, releasing hydrogen to produce green positive divalent nickel ion ni2+; Strong alkali resistance.